Gary Schutt the One Man Rock Band

It's not Karaoke...IT'S GARY-OKE!! It's one louder than Karaoke! Those usually lame to mediocre backing tracks you download from the internet or buy at Best Buy that have no consistency from one song to another, and about 20 bad singers before you get to one good one?

Welcome GARY SCHUTT the ONE-MAN-ROCK-BAND! The most unique and energetic solo act in the area! Unlike all the acoustic, beach music solo guys and the cheezy midi track acts, all the backing tracks are painstakingly and meticulously recorded by Gary himself, without the lead vocal and the guitar, which he performs live! With over 230 tracks sofar, Gary's tracks range from 80's pop, classic rock, modern rock, 70's disco, 90's pop/rock and 80's hair bands, and more recorded tracks added to the list every month!

Dont have a budget for a band? The One-Man-Rock-Band is HALF the VOLUME and a THIRD the PRICE of a full live band, and sound quality to rival any top notch artist on the radio today, or thirty years ago! Have Gary rock your bar or event. If it's a house party - it could turn into Karaoke! Pick a song, get up and sing with the lyrics provided on the iPod Touch and sing along with a live guitar player! More than Karaoke, you now have a duet partner!

Why Gary-Oke over a solo acoustic guy? Energy! Acoustic acts are usually kinda background ambient and play alot of the same beachy, alternative & folky tunes that are popular. Gary-Oke is different, it's energetic, it rocks, it's thumpin', it's in your face, it's one of the most renown guitar players in the Tampa area, with a wireless guitar, on a table, shredding a Rush tune or a toe-tappin Satriani tune in your face with fingers a blazing to match Mr. Satriani himself! Wanna dance? There's over 20 dance style tunes in the archive from "I Will Survive" to "Boogie Oogie Oogie" to the 90's hit "Crazy" by Seal! Or bang your head a bit to the likes of Judas Priest, Stryper & Winger, or sing along with classic hits from Loverboy, The Buggles, Genesis, Kings Of Leon, Lit and many more!

song list by artist  (update July 2020)


GARY-OKE by artist 


A Flock of Seaguls             i ran 

A Taste Of Honey               boogie oogie 

AC/DC                                   back in black 

Aerosmith                            sweet emotion 

A-Ha                                      take on me 

Aldo Nova                            fantasy 

Alice Cooper                       feed my frankenstein 

Alice In Chains                    man in the box 

Alice In Chains                    them bones 

Autograph                            turn up the radio 

Average White Band         pick up pieces 

Avril Lavinge                       sk8r boi 

Backstreet Boys                larger than life 

Beastie Boys                      fight for your right 

Bee Gees                             you should dancing 

Bee Gees                             jive talkin 

Billy Idol                                flesh for fantasy 

Billy Idol                                rebel yell 

Billy Idol                                white wedding 

Billy Joel                               big shot 

Black Crowes                     hard to handle 

Black Sabbath                    black sabbath 

Black Sabbath                    iron man 

Black Sabbath                    war pigs 

Black Sabbath                   heaven and hell 

Blink 182                              all the small things 

Blondie                                  one way or another 

Blue Oyster Cult                 godzilla 

Bon Jovi                               runaway 

Bonie Tyler                          total eclipse of heart 

Boston                                  peace of mind 

Boston                                  smokin 

Boston                                  foreplay/long time 

Boz Scaggs                         lido shuffle 

Bryan Adams                      run to you 

Bryan Adams                      summer of 69 

Buckcherry                         crazy bitch 

Cameo                                  word up 

Charlie Daniels                   devil went to georgia 

Cheap Trick                         i want you to want me 

Cheap Trick                         dream police 

Cheap Trick                         surrender 

Christina Aguilera              beautiful 

Chuck Mangione                feel so good 

C-Lo Green                          fuck you 

Collective Soul                    shine 

Corey Hart                           sunglasses at night 

David Bowie                                    let’s dance 

Dead Or Alive                      you spin me round 

Deep Purple                         highway star 

Def Leppard                         hysteria 

Def Leppard                        pour some sugar me 

Def Leppard                         photograph 

Depeche Mode                    enjoy the silence 

Depeche Mode                    it’s no good 

Devo                                      whip it 

Dio                                          last in line 

Dio                                          stand up and shout 

DNCE                                                cake by the ocean 

Dokken                                 into the fire 

Dokken                                 It’s not love 

Dokken                                 mr scary 

Dokken                                 tooth & nail 

Dokken                                 unchain the night 

Don Henley                          dirty laundry 

Donna Summer                  last dance 

Duran Duran                        hungry like wolf 

Duran Duran                        rio 

Earth Wind & Fire               shining star 

Eddie Money                        2 tix to paradise 

Eddie Money                        take me home tonight 

Edgar Winter                       frankenstein 

Elton John                            saturday night alright 

Elvin Bishop                        fooled around fell love 

Enrique Iglesias                  tonight I’m loving you 

Extreme                                cupid’s dead 

Extreme                                flight wounded bee 

Extreme                                get the funk out 

Extreme                                rest in peace 

Fall Out Boy                         dance dance 

Filter                                      take a picture 

Foo Fighters                        best of you 

Foo Fighters                        my hero 

Foo Fighters                        rope 

Foreigner                              double vision 

Fountains of Wayne           stacys mom 

Frankie Goes To Hollywood        relax 

Frankie Valley                     grease 

Gary Newman                     in cars 

Genesis                                abacab 

George Micheal                  i want your sex 

Gin Blossoms                     hey jealousy 

Gloria Gaynor                      i will survive 

Grease                                 you're the one  i want 

Green Day                            american idiot 

Green Day                            basket case 

Green Day                            long view 

Guns N Roses                     live and let die 

Guns N Roses                     welcome to jungle 

Guns N Roses                     you could be mine 

Hall & Oats                           sara smile 

Harold Faultemeyer          axel f 

Heart                                     baraccuda 

Herbie Hancock                 rock it 

Hoobastank                         the reason 

Huey Lewis                          i want a new drug 

Huey Lewis                          if this is it 

Huey Lewis                          heart and soul 

INXS                                       dont change 

INXS                                       the one thing 

Iron Maiden                          2 minutes midnight 

Iron Maiden                          flight of icarus 

J Geils Band                        centerfold 

Janet Jackson                    black cat 

Jimmy Eat World                the middle 

Joe Satriani            back to shalla-bal 

Joe Satriani                         flying in blue dream 

Joe Satriani                         circles 

Joe Satriani                         echo 

Joe Satriani                         ice 9 

Joe Satriani                         lords of kharma 

Joe Satriani                        up in the sky 

Joe Satriani                         always with me 

Joe Satriani                         cryin 

Joe Satriani                         summer song 

John Mayer Trio                 good love on the way 

Journey                                any way you want it 

Journey                                don't stop believin 

Journey                                ask the lonely 

Journey                                escape 

Journey                                faithfully 

Journey                                keep on runnin 

Journey                                lights 

Journey                                separate ways 

Journey                                stone in love 

Journey                                send her my love 

Judas Priest            youve got thing coming 

Judas Priest                                    victim of changes 

Judas Priest                                    electic eye 

Judas Priest                                    breaking the law 

Judas Priest                                    living after midnight 

Kansas                                 carry on wayward son 

KC&Sunshine                     that’s the way 

KC&Sunshine Band          boogie man 

KC&Sunshine                     get down tonight 

Kelly Clarkson                    since youve been gon 

Kings of Leon                      sex is on fire 

King's X                                its love 

King's X                                lost in germany 

Kiss                                       christine sixteen 

Kiss                                       shock me 

Kiss                                       detroit rock city 

Kiss                                       hotter than hell 

Kiss                                       making love 

Kool &the Gang                  jungle boogie 

Kool &the Gang                  ladies night 

Lady Gaga                            just dance 

Led Zeppelin                        all of my love 

Lenny Kravitz                      are you gonna go 

Lenny Kravitz                      fly away 

Linkin Park                           crawling 

Linkin Park                           in the end 

Linkin Park                           runaway 

Lit                                           my own worst enemy 

Loverboy                              working for weekend 

Lynyrd Skynyrd                  free bird 

Metallica                               enter sandman 

Metallica                               master of puppets 

Michael Jackson                bad 

Michael Jackson                beat it 

Michael Jackson                billie jean 

Michael Jackson                don’t stop till 

Michael Jackson                thriller 

Modern English                   melt with you 

Motley Crue                         piece of your action 

Motley Crue                         home sweet home 

Motley Crue                         kickstart my heart 

Motley Crue                         live wire 

Mr. Big                                   green tinted 60s mind 

Muse                                      hysteria 

Nena                                      99 red balloons 

Nickelback                           animals 

Night Ranger                       dont tell you love me 

Night Ranger                       still rock in america 

Night Ranger                      sister christian 

Nine Inch Nails       head like a hole 

Nirvana                                 come as you are 

Nirvana                                 smells like teen spirit 

Nirvana                                 in bloom 

No Doubt                              hella good 

N’Sync                                  pirty pop 

Ozzy Osbourne                   diary of a madman 

Ozzy Osbourne                   over the mountain 

Ozzy Osbourne                   flying high again 

Ozzy Osbourne                  i don't know 

Ozzy Osbourne                  mr crowley 

Ozzy Osbourne                   bark at the moon 

Ozzy Osbourne                   believer 

Ozzy Osbourne                   crazy train 

Ozzy Osbourne                   goodbye romance 

Ozzy Osbourne                   miracle man 

Ozzy Osbourne                   no more tears 

Paramore                             crushcrushcrush 

Phantogram                         you don’t get me high 

Pat Benatar                         hit me with best shot 

Pat Travers                          snortin whiskey 

Paul McCartney                 jet 

Paul McCartney                  let ‘em in 

Paul McCartney                  liva and let die 

Peter Gabriel                       big time 

Peter Gabriel                       shock the monkey 

Peter Schilling                     major tom 

Phil Collins                           in the air tonight 

Pink Floyd                            another brick wall 

Poison                                   nothing but good time 

Poison                                   talk dirty to me 

Poison                                   unskinny bop 

Prince                                    i wanna be your lover 

Prince                                    1999 

Prince                                    kiss 

Prince                                    darling nikki 

Prince                                    lets go crazy 

Prince                                    purple rain 

Queen                       youre my best freind 

Queen                                    another bites the dust 

Queen                                    we are the champions 

Queen                                    crazy thing called love 

Queen                                    bohemian rhapsody 

Queen                                    dragon attack 

Queen                                    we will rock beverly h 

Queens Of Stone Age       no one knows 

Queensryche                      jet city woman 

Queensryche                      I don’t believe in love 

Racer X                                 scarified 

Ratt                                        lay it down 

Ratt                                        round & round 

Ray Parker Jr                     ghostbuster theme 

Rick James                         give it to me baby 

Rick James                         superfreak 

Rick Springfield                  ive done everything 

Rick Springfield                  jessie's girl 

Rihanna                                umbrella 

Rocky Horror                      time warp 

Rod Stewart                         do ya think im sexy 

Rush                                      free will 

Rush                                      limelight 

Rush                                      natural science 

Rush                                      red barchetta 

Rush                                      subdivisions 

Rush                                      tom sawyer 

Rush                                      yyz 

Rush                                      la villa strangiato 

Rush                                      spirit of the radio 

Sam & Dave                                    gimme some lovin 

Seal                                        crazy 

Simple Minds                       dont you forget me 

Sly Fox                                  let's go all the way 

Steely Dan                           reelin in the years 

Steel Dragon                       stand up and shout 

Steve Miller                          fly like an eagle 

Stevie R Vaughan              couldn’t weather 

Stevie Wonder                    i wish 

Stevie Wonder                    isnt she lovely 

Stevie Wonder                    livin for the city 

Stevie Wonder                    sir duke 

Stevie Wonder                    superstition 

Steve Vai                              for the love of God 

Stone Temple Pilots          interstate love 

Stone Temple Pilots          plush 

Stone Temple Pilots          vaseline 

Wicked Garden                   wicked garden 

Stryper                                  soldiers under 

Styx                                       renegade 

Styx                                       too much time hands 

Supertramp                         logical song 

Sum41                                   fat lip 

Sum41                                   in too deep 

Talking Heads                     burning down house 

Tears For Fears                  everybody rules world 

Tesla                                      modern day cowboy 

The Bangels                        walk like egyptian 

The Beatles                         i am the walrus 

The Beatles                         a hard days night 

The Beatles                         cant buy me love 

The Beatles                         I saw her standing there 

The Beatles                         she loves you 

The Beatles                         got get you into my life 

The Beatles                         helter skelter 

The Beatles                         get back 

The Beatles                         hey jude 

The Buggles                        video killed radio star 

The Cars                               just what I needed 

The Cars                               let's go 

The Commodores              brick house 

The Commodores              easy 

The Cure                               love song 

The Darkness                     get your hands off  

The Darkness                     i believe thing love 

The Killers                            somebody told me 

The Knack                            my sharona 

The Miracles                        love machine 

The Police                            de do do do 

The Police                            message in a bottle 

The Police                            syncronicity pt 2 

The Police                            walking on the moon 

The Presidents of USA     lump 

The Pretenders                   brass in pocket 

The Toadies                         i come from water 

The Trammps                      disco inferno 

The Tubes                            talk to ya later 

The Vapors                          turning japanese 

Thin Lizzy                             boys are back in town 

Tom Petty                             mary jane last dance 

Thomas Dolby                     she blinded me science 

Til Tuesday                          voices carry 

Tommy Tutone                    jenny jenny 

Tom Petty                             mary jane dance 

Toto                                        rosanna 

TV Themes                           the simpsons 

U2                                           new years day 

U2                                           pride in name of love 

Van Halen                             ain’t talkin bout love 

Van Halen                             dance the night away 

Van Halen                             eruption 

Van Halen                             feel yor love tonight 

Van Halen                             hot for teacher 

Van Halen                             jump 

Van Halen                             little guitars 

Van Halen                             mean street 

Van Halen                             panama 

Van Halen                             runnin w devil 

Van Halen                             somebody get doctor 

Van Halen                             unchained 

Van Halen                             you’re no good 

Walk The Moon                   shut up & dance 

Wang Chung                        everybody fun tonight 

Warrant                                 down boys 

Weezer                                  hash pipe 

Whitesnake                          still of the night 

Winger                                   headed for heartbreak 

Winger                                   seventeen 

Yes                                         roundabout 

Yngwie Malmsteen                        I am a viking 

Yngwie Malmsteen                        I’ll see the light 

Yngwie Malmsteen                        evil eye 

ZZ Top                                   cheap sunglasses