a tribute to Motley Crue

song titles

1. "Live Wire" - Gary Schutt
2. "Public Enemy #1" - Spiders & Snakes
3. "Take Me To The Top" - Babylon A.D.
4. "Shout At The Devil" - Lunatic Candy Creep
5. "Looks That Kill" - Pink Cream 69
6. "Bastard" - Eidelon
7. "Red Hot" - Shortino - Fastuca
8. "Too Young To Fall In Love" - Psycho Drama
9. "Louder Than Hell" - Spawn
10. "Home Sweet Home" - Heaven
11. "Girls Girls Girls" - Mother Mercy
12. "Dancin' On Glass - Krunk
13. "Kickstart My Heart" - Jester
14. "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" - Heaven's Edge


My track was recorded that same way I recorded the stuff on the old Excruciating Pleasures CD except the guitar tone was a BOSS Metal Zone through a Digitech 2112 for chorusing and flanging through a DOD speaker emulator DI box direct into the Tascam.

I also wanted to do something different with my track. I was a huge Crue fan when I was in High School and Live Wire has always been one of my favorite rock tunes. I was so happy when I got the OK to cover it. But I wanted to do something special. Every tribute album has bands covering songs but I've never heard a band do a medley on a tribute album. So that's what I did. I took snips of other popluar Crue tunes and blended them into the song.  


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