Excruciating Pleasures lyrics

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

She is the center of attention
She gets your heart by showing her affection
I think she gave me an infection
I feel sorry for her little brat son, yeah

She's got curves just like J-Lo
I'm not the only one who's feeding her ego
Things were always great in bed
But whats wrong inside her head

Drama Queen should be on TV
Drama Queen got the best of me

In the middle of the night
She'd call me up and we'd get into a fight
Things just didn't seem right
Always catching her in little lies

Drama Queen got control of me
Drama Queen keeps on using me

What about your divorce, it ain't final, of course
Well you told me it was over
And the guy who's your friend, you deny seeing him
So i heard you had eloped
It's the girls all like you playing me for a fool
I know I can do better
Sit at home smoking pot, why don't you get a job
Immature and insecure
It's always something
It's always something

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Woke up this morning
Looked in the mirror
Couldn’t believe the bruises on my face
Got into a fight with you last night
How black was your eye?

Somebody tell me why
We always stay together after we fall apart
You’re breaking my heart
Tell me why
You always say you’re sorry then you do it again
Yeah this is the end

We would still be together if you weren’t such a psycho, psycho bitch
I would love you forever if you weren’t such a psycho, psycho bitch

You must be stupid
Spreading rumors
To people that I know who know me better
I'm better than you
They don’t believe you
So what if they did

Let me tell you why
I told you to get out
And take all your shit
You still don’t believe it
Tell you why
‘Cause you would punch me in the face for no damn reason
You must have been drinking

We would still be together if you weren’t such a psycho, psycho bitch
I would love you forever if you weren’t such a psycho, psycho bitch

Why is the china all over the kitchen floor?
Why is the telephone embedded in the bedroom door?
Why is every muscle in your body sore?
Why don’t remember anything?

Why don’t you tell me why
You think the girls that I talk to at the gigs are all whores
You never met them before
Tell me why
My stomach acid is churning
And your bridges are burning
Do unto others as you’d have them do to you

Na na na na na – na na na na na – na na na na na
Hey hey hey hey

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Been a long time coming since, I can’t remember why this morning,
Some stranger called you on my phone.
So you talk your way right out the door, telling me you gotta go home.
Funny how your Mom said you never showed.
When I catch you in a lie you’re always so sorry.
Spent a long time thinking ‘bout you dragging me in and shutting me out.
Do you realize what you put me through?
Now there’s nothing more to say ‘cause you’re thousand miles away.

Now I’ve got someone, someone new.
And she’s nothing, nothing like you.
Someone, someone new.
And she’s nothing, nothing like you.

I’ve got to watch my back with you, if all the things I hear are true.
Seems like I’m always the last to know.
Well I’ve given all I have to give, and taken too much shit to forgive.
Time to gather up my pride and go.
Don’t ask me why I’ve gone, ‘cause I’ve told you all along.

Strange how she’s affecting me, but I don’t want to fall.
She relieves the pain you bring, but she can’t break down the wall.
Break down he wall. C’mon!

You know everybody knows your paycheck is bouncing up your nose.
Your life is going straight down hill.
I’m waiting for a sign of hope. Maybe you’ll change, likely you won’t.
I’ve gotta stop fooling myself.
Should I tell you one more time, I don’t want you in my life.
I don’t need you in my life.

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Darkness crawlin
I awake at dawning
I find it unable to move
Body dreaming
Mind is screaming
Eyes wide open on you

Can you help me, help me
Can you wake me, wake me
Night Terror

All of my might I'm trying to fight off
This thing consuming my breath
Push for screaming
Awake and dreaming
Am I alive or near death

Can you help me, help me
Can you wake me, wake me
Night Terror

Oh, can you hear my plea?
Can someone rescue me?
I've lost control of me

Stuck in a daze
This hypnotical haze
This feeling it cannot be true
Mass confusion
No conclusion
An apparition of you

Can you help me, help me
Can you wake me, wake me
Night Terror

I can see you
I can hear you
I can smell you
I can't move you
Paralyze me
Terrorize me
Traumatize me
Exorsice me
Go back to sleep

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Hello my friend, yes it's been a while
Seems like long ago
How have you been?
are you well?
Would you let me know?

So much pain from our past
So much room to grow
You were the first and the last
Sorry if my feelings show

A year to the day since I saw you last
You still look the same
I miss the warmth of your smile
When I touch your face

I tried letting go all the while
Still I miss you most
Confusion, delusion and pain
Like dancing with your ghost

Seeing you here is like my dreams
Distorted and blurred
We'll catch up again in a year, 'till then
Please take care of yourself my friend

It does my heart good just to talk
I do miss you too
I've walked for a while in the dark
I know you did too

I cannot breathe with you gone
You crawl in my viens
I tried so hard to move on
Tried to rid the pain

I can't let you go
loosing control
you're my lost soul mate
Left out in the cold
Half of a whole
You're my lost soul mate

(Words & Music by G
ary Schutt)

Throwing words with sharp edges at me
I sustain
I bruise on the inside
Darting handfuls of hatred at you
venting pain
You bruise on the outside

Eye to eye, kissing time goodbye
Eye to eye, wounded by the panic fire

Waiting for love to show us the way
I tire in my wait
Wanting someone to doctor the pain
Scars too deep to heal

Eye to eye, living out a lie
Eye to eye, wounded by the panic fire

Different hearts have different needs
Hopelessly we walk the fine line
Everyday the same old thing
Why can’t we see eye to ey.

Eye to eye, keep it all inside
Eye to eye, wounded by the with panic fire
Eye to eye, images in time
Eye to eye, killing you with panic fire

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Judgement day will come when your time is done
You were loving me like I was loving you
At least you made it seem so
It seemed so
I believed in you

You must have thought me a fool
You’re a liar and a user
How could you think it so cool?
You’re so cruel

Signs are turning red
I wish you dead
so dead

Rumors fill the air
Truth and lies they share
How the fuck could you think that it would ever last
And I would never find out
I found out

Time to make your bed
I wish you dead
so dead

Yeah, I believe what goes around, comes around
And yours is full circle

Was it something I said?
I wish you dead

Plan of secrecy
Played it blatantly
You would still deny even though it’s over
You’re now a part of my past
So vast
Spite until the last

You’ll never find another soul so good and kind
Your loss was greater than mine
Oh, mine

Get inside my head
I wish you dead
so dead

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

I’ve got a bad attitude and it’s all because of you
Every little game you play is more than I can endure
It’s been a long hard fight
And there’s no sign of stopping
Help me get my sanity to where it was before

I’m checking in to the mental ward
Once you check in you know you can’t check out
I’m checking in to the mental ward
It’s the only place to go where I can get away from you

‘’I think you need a lobotomy.’’ Thank you Mr. Psychiatrist
Just call me loco in la cabasa, loony, nuts or a freak
I’ve got a dartboard with your picture in my private padded cell
Can you please tighten up my straight jacket a little bit for me?

How can I stay sane with you in my life?
You stupid bitch
How can I stay sane with you in my life?
You stupid bitch

I’ll sit and talk to myself about a whole lot of nothing
Imaginary playmates join my lunacy
Day after day I feel my mind turn into some kind of vegetable
Bellevue’s got a room reserved for me

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

A long night of drinking
A morning of every regret
Say hello to low self esteem
Every day a new hope
Every night a fucking nightmare
Living like I’m inside a dream

Face down on the pavement
Death couldn’t be more inviting
Trapped inside an anger machine
People waving bye-bye
But I don’t remember leaving
She told me she was over eighteen
Why won’t you listen?

Where will you go?
What will you do
When self destruction comes for you?
Gotta get away
Cause I’m going down in flames
Blaming it all on you

Lazy and deranged
Fucking nothing left to live for
Mom won’t pay my rent any more
Repo man keeps knocking
Take anything but the Playstation
Someone found my soul at the morgue
Oh, stop your bitching

Burned out, lonely, crying and homely
Desperately searching for peace.
One or two pieces of you
Would set my mind at ease

Running in the out door
Give me a parade to rain on
Driving fast against the flow
Got nobody to love me
Got no love for anybody
Can’t remember things I used to know
No more forgiving

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

Stuck in a dark place
You know it seems like a never ending circle
Empty and helpless
Like a firefly caught in a web
Here we go round & round
The motions that are breaking us apart
Don’t make a sound
‘Cause our hearts speak louder than words

I don’t want to loose you
I’m so confused

‘Cause I’m in love with the girl
I’m in love with the girl
I’m in love with the girl that I hate

Everyday it’s been
Like the ups and downs of a rollercoaster
Sometimes it’s so sweet
Sometimes I just want to ball up and die
We would go round and round
The motions of the little things that kill
Blowing them up
‘Till we blindly lost track of our light
And our lives

I don’t want to feel this
I don’t want to feel like

I’m in love with the girl
I’m in love with the girl
I’m in love with the girl that I hate

Loving you is an excruciating pleasure

Every day I’m dying inside
Just a little bit more than yesterday
Please tell me why

Tell me why I don’t want to loose you
Why am I loosing

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

I feel you in me
You’re the breath I breathe
I can’t get you out of my mind
I hunger for you
You know it’s true
Just look me in the eye

Shivering cold and afraid
You’re what I crave

I thirst to taste your skin
And lay deep within you
This cannot be helped
We, forever joined by fate
You’re my soul mate
I miss you too much
Such a crush

I’m sorry to feel this way
You’re what I crave

Walking in circles
My blood boils and curdles
I jones for your touch
Wanting a fix
Of your heart on your lips
You’re my addicting drug

What else can I say?
You’re what I crave

(Words & Music by Gary Schutt)

In a room without doors
I sit on the floor and meditate
I quit all my jobs
I live like a slob and masturbate
You wanna reconcile
You go the extra mile
To drive me away
Go away
You’re what I hate
You need therapy

I see you in mourning
I had all the warnings to run away
I live in a slumber
I can’t help but wonder why I forgave
You say that I’m to blame
‘Cause I retaliate
When you lash out at me
Just let me be
I haven’t slept in weeks
I need therapy

Instead of compromise we tend to emphasize mistakes of the past
Time has come for letting go
That was years ago
I’m sure it won’t be the last

You created me
I created you

Your invalid judging and
Premature grudging have made me say
That beauty is skin deep
Better sow what you reap
Or fade away
My anger built inside
Deadly like cyanide
Until you made it break free
But I’m not sorry
You had it coming
We need therapy

You created me...