A Million Miles An Hour (music video)
Until I See You Again (music video)
The Precipice (music video)
Lucky Penny (music video)
Fuel To The Fire (lyric video)
Half A World Away (music video)
Gonna Die Trying (music Video)
Weapons Hot (music video)
Commodore 64 (music video)
Moving Parts (lyric video)

bonus videos:
Permanent Damage
Angel In The Sky
Released: November 1 2016

This region free NTSC DVD contains all the music videos and lyric videos from the album Moving Parts.
Bonus videos include the three lyric videos from the Under Sedation album and one from E19.
All videos were shot in stunning 1080 HD, so this DVD looks amazing played through a Blu-Ray player that up-converts the picture!
Also the menus look like they were done on a Commodore 64!

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