THE METAL HEDZ - The Sideways Dance

Release Date June 5th 2018


What started out as an idea to do an 80's hair band tribute show, fell apart.  Now, after many beers and long days of pondering the meaning of life, THE METAL HEDZ will release their debut album of comedy laced hard rock songs mid 2018! 

Cultivated from years and years of mediocre bands, the best talent from each of those band have put aside their differences to make a quick buck and hopefully not drink too much and piss off somebody's girlfriend and get in a fight with the boyfriend and the other three guys jump in and... well, nuff said. 

The physical CD comes with QR codes for music videos and lyrics. 

Aqua Net, Stiff Stuff, Spandex, Mesh, Spikes, Studs, Carmen Electra, Bobby Brown (the blonde, not the black guy), Tawney Kitaen, Pamela Anderson and Olivia Newton-John.


1 Play With Pussy
2 Yo Pants
3 Science Fantasy
4 Jersey Girl
5 Hot Girl In A Shit Car
6 Leave Me Alone
7 Play With Kittens

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