song titles

  1   She's Letting Go 
  2   Act Of Sympathy
  3   Psycho Bitch
  4   Enemy Lines
  5   Donut
  6   Stranded
  7   In Some Other Lifetime
  8   Breathing You In
  9   I Won't Be Here
10   I'm In Love With My Car


(CD - released 2005)

GARY SCHUTT - all instruments and vocals

This album is a "Best Of", so to speak, of great Gary Schutt songs, all done acoustic. With the addition of two brand new Schutt originals and a classic Queen cover, this is a must have!

Hear Gary step out of the heavy rock zone and into a sound like you've never heard him in before! You know Gary as a great guitar player, and this album does show a different side of his guitar abilities and arrangements, but listen to his voice on this recording! A little reminiscent of Tommy Shaw, Dennis DeYoung and Tony Harnell, Gary's voice won't be recognized after listening to his past work. Gary shows off his range and clean control on every track, with a little soul and lots of heart.
And since this CD was recorded all analog, there is no digital pitch correction! This is one of Gary's strongest vocal performances on record!